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The Cuneo Society
The Cuneo Society


In 2001, two enthusiasts, Peter Collins and Adrian Gould, gathered fellows and formed the 'Cuneo Society' to celebrate the art of Terence Cuneo and his extended artist family. For over twenty years they and their successors arranged visits, published a Journal and encouraged interest. 

In January 2024 the society changed and became 'The Cuneo Society' and is now mainly online based on this website, and Facebook.  (For clarity the former society was 'Cuneo Society' and in its new guise it has become 'The Cuneo Society'.) 

Terence Cuneo was a prolific artist. Many believe he was the greatest railway painter of the 20th century. From being the official artist at the Queen's Coronation, to African landscapes, portraits, street scenes, and industrial plant, his style is instantly recognisable. As well as his attention to detail, Terence Cuneo is known as the 'mouse' artist. Many of his pictures have a small mouse hidden away to find and delight.

An archive is maintained at Sutton Valence School which Terence attended, which has also been endowed by the balance of the Cuneo Society funds and launched two annual awards for art students there - The Cuneo Prize.  

Our informal aims are 'to advance the education of the public in the works of Terence Cuneo'. Activities such as this website and Facebook, support that object. The new entity continues to promote and encourage interest in the life and work of Terence Cuneo, one of the 20th century's greatest artists, and the art of his family members. Terence Cuneo's father, Cyrus, and mother, Nell, were both noted artists in their own right, as well as other family members.

The society is a community. We share a common interest, and there are many good friendships. Fellowship through a common interest and aim is a key to the society's success and we welcome new members to our Facebook group who may only just have heard of Terence Cuneo and his family; or may have a large collection of his works. Membership of the Facebook group effectively constitutes membership of The Cuneo Society. 

Our latest news can be found on Facebook.

Terence Cuneo in his studio 1961. Image is protected under copyright. Golden Arrow at Dover by Terence Cuneo. Image is protected under copyright.

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