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AGM - Please step forward

The Cuneo Society AGM will be held in Brockenhurst, Hampshire on April 29. There is also an 'At Home' visit with Journal and Website Editor David Bennett at which several original works, by Terence Cuneo, and his parents Cyrus and Nell will be on show. Invitations will arrive shortly. 

Any AGM is important, but this one especially. David has to step down as Journal Editor due to other commitments (after four years). We also urgently need a new Secretary and Treasurer (who've both given their time and efforts for considerably longer). Without these posts the society cannot continue in its current form, not least as legally it is obliged to maintain certain posts. 

For the last year we have been without an Events Organiser. Several pleas have been made for someone to step forward, or even to offer to organise a single visit. The silence has been deafening. 

This AGM will need to make tough decisions if no one comes forward, and if yo value the society and its work, and have some spare time PLEASE, now it the time to step forward.  (Pictured 2022 AGM).  

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