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The legend of the train

A new article in The Collector magazine and online features a Terence Cuneo painting of the Orient Express. The article explores the legend of the Orient Express; train of kings and train of spies. 

The authors say; 'The train was known for its luxurious amenities and was one of the most popular means of travel for wealthy tourists, royals, diplomats and spies. But the Orient Express was more than a simple train. It was also an idea, the legendary train linking Europe and Asia, and as such was immortalized in fiction and cinema.'

Featured is Terence Cuneo's famous painting of the train, sold last year at Bonhams auctions, which epitomises the heroic nature of the train, thundering through the night.  It appears once as a title combined with the train's route map, and again on its own. 

You can access the article here:

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