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New Society Chairman was Cuneo's model

At its Annual Meeting, the Cuneo Society elected a new Chairman, Mark Learmont, who is a financial consultant from Yorkshire. He's a long standing friend of society President Carole Cuneo, but relates that his links with Terence Cuneo also go back many years.

Mark started working life as an Army Officer posted to the military post office at Mill Hill, London. There his Commanding Officer asked him to look after the mess's 'Honorary Member' - Terence Cuneo. In that guise mark travelled with Cuneo arranging sets and viewings for later military paintings. And sometimes he became the model himself.

The picture shows a rarely seen painting called 'The Last Despatch' and features Aden in the 1960's. Amid all the bustle of the desert airfield is one officer guiding a Land Rover. That person, Mark told the AGM, is him. A great Cuneo claim to fame! The original is now at the Royal Engineers Barracks in Chatham, after the closure of Mill Hill in 2007Chairman Mark Learmont immortalised by Cuneo

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