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Several orignal works on show

The Royal Air Force Museum at Hendon, London, has hosted a visit by a dozen members of The Cuneo Society. Five original works (from its collection of 15) were on show, concentrating on engineering aspects of the Second World War. 

The visit was arranged by member Gerald Alterman who worked with the RAF Museum Curator of Fine Art, Julia Beaumont-Jones. She prepared a comprehensive lecture on Terence Cuneo's war time work, and particularly how he balanced soldiering with art. Julia also explained the various 'tiers' of war art, from the 'official' war artists, to those who were more concerned with illustration and specific commissions. Terence Cuneo fell into the later category, with the exception of one 'official' commission, for the Army.  However his work was liked by the Air Ministry which ran its own art scheme from which he benefitted.

Conversation was lively, aided by tea and coffee, and the chance to look round this fabulous, free, museum. It is hoped a later visit might be arranged when the remaining pictures (all much larger and difficult to move) could be on show. 

The engine test tunnel painting (below) is currently on show in the RAF Museum's standing exhibition, if anyone feels like a private visit. Other pictures ranging from Laura Knight and Paul Nash to very modern artists, and sculptures are also on show.



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