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Society History

The Cuneo society was founded in 2001 by teacher Peter Collins, and railway engineer Adrian Gould. They shared an interest and were bought together by Terence Cuneo's daughter, Carole. She is our Society President today.

Working from Adrian's office they contacted as many people as they could before an initial and foundation Annual General Meeting held in March 2002 (pictured below). We've developed from there.

Over the years the society has grown and prospered, educating and promoting the works of Terence Cuneo, and his talented relatives, including his parents. Today it stands above 170 members, spread worldwide linked by their common interest and enthusiasm for the artists.

There have been regular visits to places where the artist's work is held, often behind closed doors to the general public. In recent years this has extended to short holidays in a particular part of the country, visiting several sites with a Cuneo interest over a few days. A particular achievement was working with the Science Museum to have two of his largest pictures, in storage for many years hung. Waterloo Station was rehung in 2006 at the National Rail Museum in York, and the General Electric Company, Witton Works, was re-displayed at the Science Museum in London in 2018.

COVID made things complicated. The 2020 AGM was cancelled, and visits curtailed. However, the society has recovered and the programme continues and events are planned ahead. A Journal is published two times a year, with many articles of interest, and often original research. The Journal also records society business, sales of the artists' work (where it is aware), and insights into the artist and his life.

For the wider public the society maintains this website, and is happy to support any public event in which Terence Cuneo is a subject. We also maintain a Facebook group.

Our shop sells a range of items from cufflinks and scarves, to Journal binders. Copyright in Terence Cuneo's pictures rests with the Cuneo Estate - the artist's surviving family.

The Cuneo Society is proud of with close relationship, and the generosity shown by the Estate in allowing the artist's works to be used for society business.

Waterloo Station by Terence Cuneo (Copyright image)
Inaugural Meeting in 2002 of The Cuneo Society

The Cuneo Society is proud of with close relationship, and the generosity shown by the Estate in allowing the artist’s works to be used for society business.

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